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Hunger on colonized land

The Penobscot Nation, the Passamaquoddy Tribe, Mi’kmaq Nation, and Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians have survived and thrived in the place we now call Maine for thousands of years, and continue to maintain their own languages, cultural practices, economic structures, and governments today, in spite of colonization, violent oppression, and genocide. As we work to end food insecurity in Hancock County, we recognize that hunger and colonization are inextricably linked, and that we are living on stolen land. We support tribal sovereignty: the inherent right of tribal nations to govern themselves.


History of the HCFSN

We are in the process of researching and compiling a history of the Hancock County Food Security Network. Have something to add? Email with stories.

Ending food insecurity, together.

Let's create a future free of food insecurity.

Through the compassionate effort and dedication of our county's food security organizations, we have been keeping our community fed. We envision a future where no one has to face the struggle and indignity of hunger. Join us to make food insecurity a thing of the past.

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